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Indoor Growing

Indoor Growing

Grow lights to provide a spectrum tailored to the needs of the plants being grown and grow tents and ventilation systems to create optimal growing environments. Explore a range of accessories for meticulous indoor cultivation.

Your indoor oasis awaits!

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Sold outNutrient Meter, truncheon
Nutrient Meter, truncheon Sale price$99.00
Grow Light Garden MICROGrow Light Garden MICRO
Grow Light Garden MICRO Sale price$165.00
Trellis NettingTrellis Netting
Trellis Netting Sale priceFrom $14.00
pH Test KitpH Test Kit
pH Test Kit Sale price$20.00
Reflective Film - PandaReflective Film - Panda
Reflective Film - Panda Sale priceFrom $3.20
Measuring jug/cup (2 sizes)Measuring jug/cup (2 sizes)
Measuring jug/cup (2 sizes) Sale priceFrom $4.50
LED Grow Lights SF300 33w & SF600 74wLED Grow Lights SF300 33w & SF600 74w
Clip fans 150 mm (6")Clip fans 150 mm (6")
Clip fans 150 mm (6") Sale price$39.00
Sold outDrying RackDrying Rack
Drying Rack Sale price$44.90
HPS Light Bulb (Solarmax brand)
HPS Light Bulb (Solarmax brand) Sale priceFrom $54.50
HPS Light BulbHPS Light Bulb
HPS Light Bulb Sale priceFrom $32.90
CO2 Grow FertiliserCO2 Grow Fertiliser
CO2 Grow Fertiliser Sale priceFrom $59.50
Trojan Propagation Tent 0.9m x 0.6m x 0.6m
On saleHPS Light Bulb (Philips Son-T Plus)HPS Light Bulb (Philips Son-T Plus)
Air Stones - 4 typesAir Stones - 4 types
Air Stones - 4 types Sale priceFrom $4.99
On saleAcoustic DuctingAcoustic Ducting
Acoustic Ducting Sale priceFrom $35.00 Regular price$47.00
Sold outReflective Film - Bubble FoilReflective Film - Bubble Foil
Reflective Film - Bubble Foil Sale priceFrom $119.00
Fan Inline ExtractorFan Inline Extractor
Fan Inline Extractor Sale priceFrom $47.00
Clip fan 150 mm (6") - Spider FarmerClip fan 150 mm (6") - Spider Farmer
Glass Water Heater - 5 sizesGlass Water Heater - 5 sizes
Glass Water Heater - 5 sizes Sale priceFrom $29.90
Reflective Film - Diamond Silver WhiteReflective Film - Diamond Silver White
Sold outHydroponic Grow System - 3 layers with FREE NUTRIENTHydroponic Grow System - 3 layers with FREE NUTRIENT
Heavy Duty Air DuctingHeavy Duty Air Ducting
Heavy Duty Air Ducting Sale priceFrom $21.90
Thermometer/hygrometer Sale price$19.90
Sold outStarlite FluorescentStarlite Fluorescent
Starlite Fluorescent Sale price$104.99
Sold outFan Speed Controller
Fan Speed Controller Sale price$55.00
MH (Metal Halide) Light BulbsMH (Metal Halide) Light Bulbs
MH (Metal Halide) Light Bulbs Sale priceFrom $47.99
Sold outUltrasonic Humidifier - Spider Farmer brandUltrasonic Humidifier - Spider Farmer brand
Sold outSmart Garden Indoor Hydroponic SystemSmart Garden Indoor Hydroponic System
3 Way Soil Meter3 way meter - monitors sunlight, moisture and ph
3 Way Soil Meter Sale price$24.90
Hydroaxis Digital TimerHydroaxis Digital Timer
Hydroaxis Digital Timer Sale price$40.00
Carbon Filter 100 mm x 300/500 mm
Carbon Filter 100 mm x 300/500 mm Sale priceFrom $59.00
Propagator - Medium High Dome
Mr Gnat
Mr Gnat Sale priceFrom $22.90
Save $10.00Propagation Fluorescent Light - 2 tubesPropagation Fluorescent Light - 2 tubes
Propagation Fluorescent Light - 2 tubes Sale price$85.00 Regular price$95.00
Floramax Growth-XSFloramax Growth-XS
Floramax Growth-XS Sale priceFrom $50.00
LED Light 430w and 645w: Flexstar Pro Fold and DimLED Light 430w and 645w: Flexstar Pro Fold and Dim
Sold outpH (multipurpose) Pen Urban FarmerpH (multipurpose) Pen Urban Farmer
Sold outGrow Light Shelves SF600 LED lightingGrow Light Shelves SF600 LED lighting
HPS Light Kit - 600 wHPS Light Kit - 600 w
HPS Light Kit - 600 w Sale priceFrom $199.00
HPS Light Kit - 1000 wHPS Light Kit - 1000 w
HPS Light Kit - 1000 w Sale price$330.00
Flexstar Clone LED Grow Light 18WFlexstar Clone LED Grow Light 18W
Sold outThermometer/hygrometer SmallThermometer/hygrometer Small
Air Ducting
Air Ducting Sale priceFrom $29.90
pH Pen Bluelab
pH Pen Bluelab Sale price$169.00
PH Probe KCI storage solution
PH 2.77 Calibration Solution
PH 7.0 Calibration Solution
PH 7.0 Calibration Solution Sale priceFrom $19.90