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Indoor Growing Accessories

All the accessories you could need to control your indoor growing environment.

Measure and control temperature, pH, nutrient levels, humidity, light, airflow and much more!

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Nutrient Meter, truncheon (Bluelab brand)
Sold outNutrient Meter, truncheon
Nutrient Meter, truncheon Sale price$99.00
Lux Meter (Light meter)Lux Meter (Light meter)
Lux Meter (Light meter) Sale price$60.00
Sold outUltrasonic Humidifier - Spider Farmer brandUltrasonic Humidifier - Spider Farmer brand
Clip fans 150 mm (6")Clip fans 150 mm (6")
Clip fans 150 mm (6") Sale price$39.00
Thermal Controller for heating & coolingThermal Controller for heating & cooling
Rope Ratchet HangersRope Ratchet Hangers
Rope Ratchet Hangers Sale price$24.99
pH Pen Bluelab
pH Pen Bluelab Sale price$169.00
Sold outpH (multipurpose) Pen Urban FarmerpH (multipurpose) Pen Urban Farmer
pH Test KitpH Test Kit
pH Test Kit Sale price$20.00
Trellis NettingTrellis Netting
Trellis Netting Sale priceFrom $14.00
Sold outDrying RackDrying Rack
Drying Rack Sale price$44.90
Reflective Film - PandaReflective Film - Panda
Reflective Film - Panda Sale priceFrom $3.20
Reflective Film - Diamond Silver WhiteReflective Film - Diamond Silver White
Save $15.00Non-contact Infrared Thermometer (Laser)
Non-contact Infrared Thermometer (Laser) Sale price$49.90 Regular price$64.90
Thermometer/hygrometer Sale price$19.90
Sold outThermometer/hygrometer SmallThermometer/hygrometer Small
Thermo hygrometer - Large displayThermo hygrometer - Large display
Hydroaxis Digital TimerHydroaxis Digital Timer
Hydroaxis Digital Timer Sale price$40.00
3 Way Soil Meter3 way meter - monitors sunlight, moisture and ph
3 Way Soil Meter Sale price$24.90
Measuring jug/cup (2 sizes)Measuring jug/cup (2 sizes)
Measuring jug/cup (2 sizes) Sale priceFrom $4.50
Precision Pruners
Precision Pruners Sale price$25.00
Sold outSecateurs - Kent & Stowe
Secateurs - Kent & Stowe Sale price$31.99
Air Stones - 4 typesAir Stones - 4 types
Air Stones - 4 types Sale priceFrom $4.99
Sold outCarbon Dioxide Candle
Carbon Dioxide Candle Sale price$22.50
Glass Water Heater - 5 sizesGlass Water Heater - 5 sizes
Glass Water Heater - 5 sizes Sale priceFrom $29.90
Sold outFan Speed Controller
Fan Speed Controller Sale price$55.00
Sold outThermo hygrometer - WirelessThermo hygrometer - Wireless
CO2 Grow FertiliserCO2 Grow Fertiliser
CO2 Grow Fertiliser Sale priceFrom $59.50
Clip fan 150 mm (6") - Spider FarmerClip fan 150 mm (6") - Spider Farmer
Large hard cover propgation container
PH 4.0 Calibration Solution
PH 4.0 Calibration Solution Sale priceFrom $19.90
PH 7.0 Calibration Solution
PH 7.0 Calibration Solution Sale priceFrom $19.90
PH 2.77 Calibration Solution