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Garden Supplies

Garden Supplies

Tools for every gardening task and all the garden supplies you can handle!

From propagation essentials like trays and growing mediums to self-watering systems and pest control solutions, we've got you covered. Looking to conserve water? Explore our water tanks and pumps. Don’t miss our eco-friendly worm farms for organic waste recycling.

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Otaki Mitey Mite 1 Litre
Otaki Mitey Mite 1 Litre Sale price$17.50
CANNA Clay Balls/clay pebblesCANNA Clay Balls/clay pebbles
CANNA Clay Balls/clay pebbles Sale priceFrom $24.90
Coco Perlite 70:30 mix - Nutrifield
Rockwool Sale priceFrom $7.50
Water Pumps Aqua One brand
Water Pumps Aqua One brand Sale priceFrom $24.90
Heat Mat (3 sizes)
Heat Mat (3 sizes) Sale priceFrom $47.00
Cropsafe Fine Bug Netting 3.7 m wideCropsafe Fine Bug Netting 3.7 m wide
Neem GranulesNeem Granules
Neem Granules Sale priceFrom $12.90
Hydroponic Lattice Grow Pots 90mm (Bag of 25)
Natures Own Guano Super BloomNatures Own Guano Super Bloom
Natures Own Guano Super Bloom Sale priceFrom $26.90
Sold outAir Pump 4 Urban Farmer brand
bug net 4 x 10 metres
Bug netting 4 m wide Sale price$9.90
Canna Terra ProfessionalCanna Terra Professional
Canna Terra Professional Sale price$39.00
Heat Mat ThermostatHeat Mat Thermostat
Heat Mat Thermostat Sale price$57.00
AutoPot Easy2Grow Extension Kit (8.5 litre pots)AutoPot Easy2Grow Extension Kit (8.5 litre pots)
Insulnet Frost Cloth 4 m wide
Save $29.10Grow Light Garden MICROGrow Light Garden MICRO
Grow Light Garden MICRO Sale price$159.90 Regular price$189.00
Canna Coco Professional PlusCanna Coco Professional Plus
Trellis NettingTrellis Netting
Trellis Netting Sale priceFrom $14.00
Nutrient Meter, truncheon
Nutrient Meter, truncheon Sale price$99.00
Flexible Cane BallsFlexible Cane Balls
Flexible Cane Balls Sale price$19.90
Sold outPropagation Tray -72 cellsPropagation Tray -72 cells
Giant Plus Tray
Giant Plus Tray Sale price$49.50
Bird netting 5 m wide
Bird netting 5 m wide Sale price$8.50
Jumbo Garden TrayJumbo Garden Tray
Jumbo Garden Tray Sale price$36.00
Naturally Neem Sea Hume Granules
Autopot cocomat
Cocomat Sale price$25.00
Sold outCoco Perlite 70:30 mix - Way To Grow
AutoPot 4 Pot Module (15 litre pots) with FREE NUTRIENTAutoPot 4 Pot Module (15 litre pots) with FREE NUTRIENT
Perlite Medium 100 Litre, 20 litrePerlite Medium 100 Litre, 20 litre
Sold outPerlite Coarse 100 Litre, 20 litrePerlite Coarse 100 Litre, 20 litre
Autopot 1 Pot Module (15 litre pot)Autopot 1 Pot Module (15 litre pot)
pH Test KitpH Test Kit
pH Test Kit Sale price$20.00
Naturally Neem (commercial)
Whakatupu Diatomaceous Earth 1 kgWhakatupu Diatomaceous Earth 1 kg
HPS Light BulbHPS Light Bulb
HPS Light Bulb Sale priceFrom $32.90
seed propagation
Measuring jug/cup (2 sizes)Measuring jug/cup (2 sizes)
Measuring jug/cup (2 sizes) Sale priceFrom $4.50
Premium Black Garden Tray
Premium Black Garden Tray Sale price$29.00
Trojan Propagation Tent 0.9m x 0.6m x 0.6m
Air Dome
Autopot Air Dome Sale price$12.00
High Dome Propagator
High Dome Propagator Sale price$20.00
HPS Light Bulb (Solarmax brand)
HPS Light Bulb (Solarmax brand) Sale priceFrom $54.50
Gro Potting Mix 40 Litres
Gro Potting Mix 40 litres Sale price$32.00
Giant Tray
Giant Tray Sale price$45.00
Bean and Pea Ring
Bean and Pea Ring Sale price$4.99
AutoPot Easy2GO kit
AutoPot Easy2GO kit Sale price$39.90
AutoPot XL Fabric pot module - 3 sizesAutoPot XL Fabric pot module - 3 sizes