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All the bits you need to have successful propagation.

Grow new plants from your own and others' seeds or seedlings and create the perfect environment for doing it.

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Trojan Propagation Tent 0.9m x 0.6m x 0.6m
Sold outGrow Tent - 2in1 1.2 x 0.9 x 1.8 m (h)Grow Tent - 2in1 1.2 x 0.9 x 1.8 m (h)
Save $29.10Grow Light Garden MICROGrow Light Garden MICRO
Grow Light Garden MICRO Sale price$159.90 Regular price$189.00
Flexstar Clone LED Grow Light 18WFlexstar Clone LED Grow Light 18W
Smart Garden Indoor Hydroponic SystemSmart Garden Indoor Hydroponic System
Clone Station 24 Sea HawkClone Station 24 Sea Hawk
Clone Station 24 Sea Hawk Sale price$159.00
Sold outGrow Light Garden for microgreens, salad greens and herbsGrow Light Garden for microgreens, salad greens and herbs
seed propagation
Sold out12 Cell Seed Propagation Kit12 Cell Seed Propagation Kit
Propagator - Medium High Dome
Sold outPropagator - Large High Dome (Garland)
Propagator - XL High Dome
Propagator - XL High Dome Sale price$65.00
Propagators - Mini High Dome (set of 3)Propagators - Mini High Dome (set of 3)
Heat Mat (3 sizes)
Heat Mat (3 sizes) Sale priceFrom $47.00
Heat Mat ThermostatHeat Mat Thermostat
Heat Mat Thermostat Sale price$57.00
LED Grow Lights SF300 33w & SF600 74wLED Grow Lights SF300 33w & SF600 74w
Sold outStarlite FluorescentStarlite Fluorescent
Starlite Fluorescent Sale price$104.99
Sold outAutomatic Control Big 3 Heated PropagatorAutomatic Control Big 3 Heated Propagator
Autopot cocomat
Cocomat Sale price$25.00
Clone Spray
Clone Spray Sale price$39.50
Cloner Sale price$15.00
Jiffy 7 Disc - bag or bulk cartonJiffy 7 Disc - bag or bulk carton
Jiffy 7 Disc - bag or bulk carton Sale priceFrom $17.50
Hydroponic Lattice Grow Pots 90mm (Bag of 25)
Rockwool Sale priceFrom $7.50
Hydroponic White Grow Pot 80mm (25 per bag)
Lux Meter (Light meter)Lux Meter (Light meter)
Lux Meter (Light meter) Sale price$60.00
Jiffy Peat Pots
Jiffy Peat Pots Sale price$5.00
MH Veg Light Bulb (Solarmax brand)MH Veg Light Bulb (Solarmax brand)
MH Veg Light Bulb (Solarmax brand) Sale priceFrom $123.00
Hydroaxis Digital TimerHydroaxis Digital Timer
Hydroaxis Digital Timer Sale price$40.00
Non-contact Infrared Thermometer (Laser)
Sold outThermo hygrometer - WirelessThermo hygrometer - Wireless
MH (Metal Halide) Light BulbsMH (Metal Halide) Light Bulbs
MH (Metal Halide) Light Bulbs Sale priceFrom $47.99
Sold outPropagator - XL High Dome ElectricPropagator - XL High Dome Electric
Jumbo Garden TrayJumbo Garden Tray
Jumbo Garden Tray Sale price$36.00
AutoPot Easy2GO kit
AutoPot Easy2GO kit Sale price$39.90
Giant Tray
Giant Tray Sale price$45.00
Cloche Cover 1 Metre lg
Poly Cloche Sale priceFrom $11.50
Premium Black Garden Tray
Premium Black Garden Tray Sale price$29.00
Large Self Watering Plant TrayLarge Self Watering Plant Tray
Autopot Propagation Lid
Autopot Propagation Lid Sale price$14.00
Windowsill Self-Watering Plant TrayWindowsill Self-Watering Plant Tray
HPS Light BulbHPS Light Bulb
HPS Light Bulb Sale priceFrom $32.90
HPS Light Bulb (Solarmax brand)
HPS Light Bulb (Solarmax brand) Sale priceFrom $54.50
On saleHPS Light Bulb (Philips Son-T Plus)HPS Light Bulb (Philips Son-T Plus)
Floramax Hydroponics Manual
Giant Plus Tray
Giant Plus Tray Sale price$49.50
1000W Double Ended Light Bulb - HPS/Metal Halide
AutoPot Clear Propagation Lid