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Nutrient - FloraMax range

Nutrient - FloraMax range

Conceived in an analytical laboratory that specialised in water chemistry, agriculture and hydroponics since 1966.

FloraMax was developed to take advantage of new technologies in plant biochemistry that would significantly improve performance in areas such as trichome and root development, pH control and nutrient stability. The benefit to growers is faster and enhanced growth, more valuable yields, and significant improvements in ease of use. 

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VegaFlora A & BVegaFlora A & B
VegaFlora A & B Sale priceFrom $34.50
FloraMax Veg-1FloraMax Veg-1
FloraMax Veg-1 Sale priceFrom $27.00
Floramax Growth-XSFloramax Growth-XS
Floramax Growth-XS Sale priceFrom $50.00
Flowering EnhancerFlowering Enhancer
Flowering Enhancer Sale priceFrom $39.00
Root-XS Sale priceFrom $37.50
Resin-XS Sale priceFrom $42.50
OrganaBud Sale priceFrom $40.00
Ca-Mg-Fe Sale priceFrom $37.50
Silica 250ml
Silica 250ml Sale price$45.00
Cloner Sale price$15.00
Clone Spray
Clone Spray Sale price$39.50
Floramax Pythoff Plus
Floramax Pythoff Plus Sale price$54.00
System Maintenance 1 litre
Floramax Hydroponics Manual
Nutrient Meter, truncheon (Bluelab brand)
Sold outNutrient Meter, truncheon
Nutrient Meter, truncheon Sale price$99.00
pH Pen Bluelab
pH Pen Bluelab Sale price$169.00
Sold outpH (multipurpose) Pen Urban FarmerpH (multipurpose) Pen Urban Farmer
Measuring jug/cup (2 sizes)Measuring jug/cup (2 sizes)
Measuring jug/cup (2 sizes) Sale priceFrom $4.50