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Autopot - AutoPot Accessories

Autopot - AutoPot Accessories

Accessorise! These are the handbags and jewellery of Autopots, designed to enhance and improve your experience.

Made by Autopot, the people who make the systems, there are numerous add-ons for your enhanced plant growth and convenience.

Easily add on to, or replace one component in your system, to tailor make to your needs.

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Autopot Air Base- SquareAutopot Air Base- Square
Autopot Air Base- Square Sale price$17.00
Autopot Air Base Round (25L and 20L pots)Autopot Air Base Round (25L and 20L pots)
Air Dome
Autopot Air Dome Sale price$12.00
Strawberry Topper (Autopot)Strawberry Topper (Autopot)
Aquaplate SquareAquaplate Square
Aquaplate Square Sale price$24.90
Aquaplate Circle XL TrayAquaplate Circle XL Tray
Aquaplate Circle XL Tray Sale price$30.00
Autopot AquavalveAutopot Aquavalve
Autopot Aquavalve Sale price$26.00
15 L loose pot (Autopot)15 L loose pot (Autopot)
15 L loose pot (Autopot) Sale price$12.00
8.5 L loose pot (Autopot)8.5 L loose pot (Autopot)
Autopot Flexipot XL (Fabric Pot)Autopot Flexipot XL (Fabric Pot)
Autopot Tank 47 litres (not flexible)Autopot Tank 47 litres (not flexible)
Flexi Tank 100 litres
Flexi Tank 100 litres Sale price$140.00
Sold outFlexi Tank 25 litres
Flexi Tank 25 litres Sale price$67.00
Flexi Tank 225 litres
Flexi Tank 225 litres Sale price$165.00
Flexi Tank 400 litres
Flexi Tank 400 litres Sale price$295.00
Flexi Tank 750 litres
Flexi Tank 750 litres Sale price$425.00
Autopot Black Matrix Disc
Autopot Root Control Disc (gold)
Autopot Root Control discs (gold) - fit XL pots & round trays
Root Control sock (gold) - fits 15 & 8.5 litre pots & square trays
Autopot Root Control sock (gold) - fit XL pots & round trays
Autopot Flexitube - size & length optionsAutopot Flexitube - size & length options
Autopot In-line Tap - 2 sizesAutopot In-line Tap - 2 sizes
Autopot In-line Tap - 2 sizes Sale priceFrom $2.80
AutoPot Golf Filter
AutoPot Golf Filter Sale price$5.90
AutoPot Cross Connector (reducing from 16 mm) - 2 sizesAutoPot Cross Connector (reducing from 16 mm) - 2 sizes
AutoPot T-Connector Reducing - 2 sizesAutoPot T-Connector Reducing - 2 sizes
AutoPot T-Connector - 2 sizesAutoPot T-Connector - 2 sizes
AutoPot T-Connector - 2 sizes Sale priceFrom $0.90
AutoPot Cross-Connector - 2 sizesAutoPot Cross-Connector - 2 sizes
AutoPot Top Hat grommet 6 mm or 9 mm
Air Dome - Blue bubble tube
Sold outAutoPot Top Hat grommet 16 mm
Aquavalve Silicone Seal (Autopot) - 2 sizes
AutoPot Easy2GO kit
AutoPot Easy2GO kit Sale price$39.90
Aquabox SpyderAquabox Spyder
Aquabox Spyder Sale price$39.95
Water Pumps Aqua One brand
Water Pumps Aqua One brand Sale priceFrom $24.90
Air Pump Aqua One Precision 2500
Air Pump 2 Urban Farmer brandAir Pump 2 Urban Farmer brand
Sold outAir Pump 4 Urban Farmer brand
Air Pump Aqua One Precision 12000
Air Pump Aqua One Precision 9500
Air Pump 1 Urban Farmer  brand
Air Stones - 4 typesAir Stones - 4 types
Air Stones - 4 types Sale priceFrom $4.99
Sold outCanna 20L Tap
Canna 20L Tap Sale price$6.50
Sold outAutoPot Clear Propagation Lid
Autopot Easy2Grow Twin Tray onlyAutopot Easy2Grow Twin Tray only
Autopot DividerAutopot Divider
Autopot Divider Sale price$14.50
Auto Pot Loose XL
Auto Pot Loose XL Sale price$24.50