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Pest Control

Pest Control

There are dozens of insect pests that are frequent invaders of grow rooms and hydroponic plants. An infestation can quickly undo all of your hard work in your garden.

Here are some products to protect your plants and control the pests to keep your garden healthy and thriving.

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Otaki Mitey Mite 1 Litre
Otaki Mitey Mite 1 Litre Sale price$17.50
Neem GranulesNeem Granules
Neem Granules Sale priceFrom $12.90
Whakatupu Diatomaceous Earth 1 kgWhakatupu Diatomaceous Earth 1 kg
Naturally Neem Sea Hume Granules
Cloche Cover 1 Metre lg
Poly Cloche Sale priceFrom $11.50
Plant protection screen 90cm long (Lrge/Med)
Cropsafe Fine Bug Netting 3.7 m wideCropsafe Fine Bug Netting 3.7 m wide
Bird netting 5 m wide
Bird netting 5 m wide Sale price$8.50
bug net 4 x 10 metres
Bug netting 4 m wide Sale price$9.90
Mist and spray bottle 2 litresMist and spray bottle 2 litres
Pressure Sprayer (1 litre)-Solo 401
Sold outPressure Sprayer (2 litres)- Solo 402
Beat a Bug Spray 750 mls
Beat a Bug Spray 750 mls Sale price$21.50
Naturally Neem (commercial)
Spray Bottle (500 mls)
Spray Bottle (500 mls) Sale price$5.90
Sold outTui Seaweed & Fish Fertiliser 1 litre
Tui Seaweed Plant Tonic 1 litreTui Seaweed Plant Tonic 1 litre
Sold outSlug X Snail & Slug TrapSlug X Snail & Slug Trap
Slug X Snail & Slug Trap Sale price$19.50
Pop-up Net Cover
Pop-up Net Cover Sale price$119.00
Repel (pest repellant)
Repel (pest repellant) Sale price$27.50