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Growing Medium

Growing Medium

The growing medium is the material where plants develop their roots. It can be one single material or a mix of dozens of them. This can be soil, non-soil (soilless), or even water.

Choose the growing medium according to the aeration and water requirements and growth stage of the plant.

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Coco Perlite 70:30 mix - Way To Grow
Coco Perlite 70:30 mix - Nutrifield
Canna Terra ProfessionalCanna Terra Professional
Canna Terra Professional Sale price$36.00
Canna Coco Professional PlusCanna Coco Professional Plus
CANNA Clay Balls/clay pebblesCANNA Clay Balls/clay pebbles
CANNA Clay Balls/clay pebbles Sale priceFrom $24.00
Seacliff Living Soil V2Seacliff Living Soil V2
Seacliff Living Soil V2 Sale price$55.00
Seacliff Pro blend P super
Sold outSeacliff seed raising living soilSeacliff seed raising living soil
Rockwool Sale priceFrom $7.50
Gro Potting Mix 40 Litres
Gro Potting Mix 40 litres Sale price$32.00
Perlite Coarse 100 Litre, 20 litrePerlite Coarse 100 Litre, 20 litre
Vermiculite Coarse 100 Litre
Vermiculite Seed Cover 5 Litres
Perlite Root Mix 5 Litres
Perlite Root Mix 5 Litres Sale price$11.90
Worm Castings & Compost 30 L
Compost 30 L
Compost 30 L Sale price$9.90
Sold outPotting Mix 30 L
Potting Mix 30 L Sale price$15.90
Poultry (chicken) Compost 40 L
Air Stones - 4 typesAir Stones - 4 types
Air Stones - 4 types Sale priceFrom $4.99
Perlite Medium 100 Litre, 20 litrePerlite Medium 100 Litre, 20 litre
Sold outOrganic Seed Rasing Mix ( Tui)