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Potting Mix 30 L

Sale price$15.90

Pickup currently unavailable at 1083 State Highway 1 RD1 Otaki,

Potting Mix 30 L

Potting Mix 30 L

1083 State Highway 1 RD1 Otaki,

Pickup currently unavailable

1083 State Highway 1 RD1 Otaki,
Otaki 5581 5581
New Zealand

Revital Grow-all brand, organic.

This medium is the perfect mix for pots and containers. It is a mix of Grow-all worm castings and nature's fertilisers, designed for pots and containers gardening.

Grow-all is certified organic by BioGro NZ.

Use at planting time -

  • water plants thoroughly and allow to drain
  • Half fill the pot or container with potting mix
  • loosen the plant's rootball and place the plant in
  • top up with potting mix to 2 cm from the top
  • tap the pot on the ground to settle the mix
  • firm around the plant and water well

Size: 30 litres