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Ultrasonic Humidifier - Spider Farmer brand

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Pickup currently unavailable at 1083 State Highway 1 RD1 Otaki,

Ultrasonic Humidifier - Spider Farmer brand

Ultrasonic Humidifier - Spider Farmer brand

1083 State Highway 1 RD1 Otaki,

Pickup currently unavailable

1083 State Highway 1 RD1 Otaki,
Otaki 5581 5581
New Zealand

If you notice a low humidity level, it is crucial to take prompt action to improve it. An inadequate amount of moisture in the air can result in a slowdown in growth and reduced efficiency of photosynthesis

This highly efficient humidifier is designed to enhance your planting environment with ease. With a generous 4 litre water tank capacity, this device ensures extended usage times when operating in constant humidity mode:
1st gear: Up to 27 hours
2nd gear: Up to 18 hours
3rd gear: Up to 16 hours
(Tested in a 25°C, 25 square metre environment. Actual results may vary depending on usage area.)

Humidity can have a big impact on plant growth, good or bad. Humidity impacts the amount of water plants evaporate through their leaves. Extra moisture in the air means that plants have higher available moisture, transpire less and are able to keep their stomata (the tiny holes in their leaves which allow gas exchange, including water vapour) open longer which in turn means more photosynthesis and more growth. 

On the other hand, if the humidity level is too high, plants cannot get rid of the water vapour, which stops the evaporation process and affects their growth. The plants' roots can no longer take on new nutrients. 

The optimum level of plant growth varies depending on the plant type and growth stage but in general the ideal humidity levels are:

  • Early stage/seedling: 80-100%
  • Vegetive stage 55-70%
  • Flowering stage 40-60%

When adjusting the humidity level down, try to do it by 5% increments per week.

Again, the optimum humidity level will vary depending on the plant type.  Tropical plants will want higher humidity levels while cacti will want a lower humidity level, but the plant's ideal humidity level will change over its lifetime.

  • Built-in humidity meter
  • Constant humidity (turns off when reached)
  • 12 hour timer
  • Custom sleep mode


Size: 25 cm (L) x 15 cm (W) x 34 cm (H)