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Reflective Film - Bubble Foil

Sale price$119.00

Pickup currently unavailable at 1083 State Highway 1 RD1 Otaki,

Reflective Film - Bubble Foil

Reflective Film - Bubble Foil

15.24 m roll

1083 State Highway 1 RD1 Otaki,

Pickup currently unavailable

1083 State Highway 1 RD1 Otaki,
Otaki 5581 5581
New Zealand

Make the most of your growing lights. Don't waste a lumen!

If you have bothered to purchase grow lights, make the most of them, improving the light efficiency, coverage and performance by lining your grow space with reflective film.

Using any film will also create a cleaner grow space, helping prevent contaminants or pests from finding a way in or a place to hide.  

Bubble Foil Film
  • This is a barrier film laminated between two layers of foil, helping manage heating problems sometimes associated with indoor growing
  • Conserves energy
  • Highly reflective, up to 97% of all radiant heat, inhibiting the growth of fungi and bacteria
  • Ideal for indoor growing
  • Superior to Panda Film in spreading light more evenly to eliminate grow room hot spots

Sold in packaged rolls all 1.22 m wide.
1.22 m x 15.24 m
1.22 m x 30.48 m

Please choose from the available options, or contact us.

Note: The photos show a large roll.

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