Passion or Addiction?

Tomato SeedlingIt Doesn't pay for me to ponder this question too much, its a bit like nature/nurture. What ever it is I'm hooked. Right from that moment when I pop that little seed into is seed raising mix, I'm there for the duration, every step of the way(that saying 'a watched pot ever boils', springs to mind) I am fascinated by its every move. Im guilty of poking at the soil even before the poor thing has had a chance to come through, Then I start to get over zealous and sow more of the same and more and more until I have enough to supply half of the coast. But those first seedlings are my favourites. Each year as I venture into what used to be an unknown world of scariness I learn a little more of the dos and don't. Too much moisture can create as many issues as not enough moisture and the same with heat. Now that I'm using a closed in heated propagator my success rate has improved out of sight.. Today I have started my zucchini and cucumbers, and already I'm counting the days until I see their first signs of life.