The Gift of Growing

Over the last few years my style of Christmas shopping has changed considerably. The main question I now ask myself before I hit the shopping, is what do they NEED, will they use it? And will it bring pleasure? Thankfully my adult children have inherited the gardening gene, so at Christmas I get to share my love of gardening with them. Top of the Christmas gift list (for my two soil based gardeners) is Rok solid. For me this is the ultimate "gift of Growing" I know they will use it and better still they will quickly see the benefits in their gardens. rok solid image-816x459

Next will be the start of a Joseph Bently collection of Garden Tools and from here onwards I will be able to add a couple of tools each birthday and Christmas. Both of my gardener children have been using some very basic and rickety tools, so I'm feeling confident that shiny new, good quality garden tools will hit the spot. joseph bently tool stand-186x271

One of my son's lives in the city with next to no soil or lawn area, so he has masterfully built a platform that currently holds 6 Autopots of varying sizes. He constantly surprises me, with how much he can produce in his Autopots. Currently he has a tomato, a pepper, 4 lettuces, five strawberry plants and a pot of coriander. Consequently it will be more Autopots for this son. I have been encouraging him to have a go with Canna Aqua Clay balls, so this will be an ideal opportunity to get him started with some of these. easy2grow_Kit_4b4dc6f60c2bf-433x380 (1)

The more I can encourage my children and grandchildren to grow their own, the happier I am. Aside from the obvious saving they all make on their grocery bill, the main thing that they are all interested in, is knowing where their food comes from. Furthermore, once you have tasted home grown carrots or cucumber, there really is no going back. So for all of my gardening friends out there, I urge you to share your love of gardening with your friends and family this Christmas. Give a gift that keeps on growing!