Sure you can use my Beer Crate for planting Vegetables... Yeah right!

Beer crate gardenWelcome to our weekly blog on all things gardening, I think I'm a bit obsessed with the whole concept of growing, both at our garden shop and at home if there is an empty container left unattended it is quickly filled with compost and soil and planted within the day. The best part is that providing I keep the said container well fed and watered pretty much anything grows. My current favourite are beer crates, I line the crate with old hessian sacking and its good to grow. Quick growers like mesculin radish and spinach are my favourites, that said root crops are great too just as long as you keep the food and water up.

Seed Raising

Seed raising, my other wee addiction, it has to be the most satisfying pass time once you get over the initial speed bumps, the main one that springs to mind is sowing too many seeds at the out set, its so easy to think oh i'll just sprinkle a few more seeds in there, only to find that when your seeds do germinate you have a gazillion seedlings that need pricking out, yes a trick for young players. Over the last couple of years I have experimented with different seed raising mixes and to date my favourite is a coir and perlite mix, its light and moisture retentive and couple this with my trusty electric propagator my success rate just keeps getting better. Give seed raising a go, its both cost effective and satisfying.