Good To Go

summer garden 2014 mk 1-816x612Gardening is the greatest teacher of so many things, in particular patience, and just when you think you have all your ducks lined up nature dishes up a curve ball. Well, not so much as a curve ball in fact, it's predictable to a large degree (the weather that is). And still I fight the system, I plant too early sometimes just to get a head start and nature shows me, on no uncertain terms that I have wasted my time as the second planting catches up and often over takes the first planting. Usually because the ground was too wet and cold. I seam to only learn these things the hard way. The one lesson I finally do get though, is mulching, keeping the root base to my plants well and truly covered to trap moisture in. From now on I am looking to conserve every bit of moisture and when it rains a beautiful warm summer rain it feels like a gift from the heavens. The main thing is to make sure the soil is well watered BEFORE you cover with mulch or matting. There are many options for mulching, such as pea straw, coco husk bark mulch and good quality compost. My fruit trees this year are being treated to wool mulch matting. This product is 100% biodegradable and is a fantastic conserver of moisture. I also use wool mulch as a liner in our hanging baskets, to date this has been the best liner I have used.(ever!!!!) NB: If you are lining hanging baskets make sure you get the liner above the top of the basket. I finally have the best solution ever for pot plants, especially for our shop pots while I am away over the Christmas period. I have several tomato's growing in PB bags and they will get the same feeding and watering system as the pot plants.

Easy2go watering system is an inexpensive watering system that can be assembled in minutes and contains all the fittings required to connect to a reservoir of your choice. All you need is a water container with a minimum of 30 Litre capacity and a flat based tray such as the one in the image below. The best thing is you can go away over the holiday period knowing that all your pot plants will be well fed and watered. An alternative option, with this Easy2go system that would work fantastically, is to take it away to your holiday Bach with a few potted herbs, to use for BBQs etc. Finally, if you have gardening friends with pot plants, the easy2go watering system would make the perfect Christmas gift. easy2go with pot plants-816x459