Beating The Blighters

ponics in his happy ground is warming the birds are chirping and the bees are buzzing, spring is defiantly here. This is my favourite time of the year. Granted with spring come the invasion of unwanted bugs. Slugs and snails are currently on my hit list and who is eating my asparagus? They are mine, its taken me three years to produce these precious spears and no sooner my back is turned they are mowed down in the dead of night... I have developed a "mixed arsenal" approach because I'm sure when you are choosing organic repellent they need a steady re application to keep the patch under control. On the slug menu are 'Quash pellets'(non toxic with added iron chelate), crushed egg shells (baked dry in the oven to keep rodents away) and of coarse the trusty beer trap, and should I come across any snails or slugs still living they instantly become "special of the day" for my happy hens. Slug trap Aphids and other little suckers seam to think that feasting on my patch is fine too, however I am dealing with them swiftly using a fish based foliar feed and only by chance and a good gardening friend did I discover that this brew is an awesome repellent and if a rabbit is brave enough to pass by they are instantly repelled by the protein in the fish fertiliser. Yes I even have three options to eliminate the rabbits. The fish fertiliser, our dog Hydro, (not our cat she is far too precious or so she thinks) and if all else fails lead in the form of a wee pellet (as my aim improves). As a gardener rabbits are not the cute wee things that adorn chocolate boxes... Just saying