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Seacliff Worm Castings

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Pickup currently unavailable at 1083 State Highway 1 RD1 Otaki,

Seacliff Worm Castings

Seacliff Worm Castings

10 litres

1083 State Highway 1 RD1 Otaki,

Pickup currently unavailable

1083 State Highway 1 RD1 Otaki,
Otaki 5581 5581
New Zealand

Worm castings are a great addition to any soil where you are growing a heavy-feeding annually.

Local, fresh and loaded with microbes & nutrients, this is a simple way to add biodiversity to your soil.

Recommended Usage:

  • For Compost tea use 2 cups of worm castings to 20 litres of water. Add one tablespoon of molasses, bubble with high volume air pump for 36 hrs.
  • For Soil Media use 15-20% worm castings.
  • For Top Dressing use enough to make a 25-50mm thick layer at any time.


  • Wear a mask to avoid inhaling particles, open in a well ventilated area.
  • Wear gloves and eye protection, and wash hands after use.


  • Once opened, keep sealed and dry.


Size: 10 litres, 30 litres