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Canna Boost AcceleratorCanna Boost Accelerator
Canna Boost Accelerator Sale priceFrom $74.90
Canna Calmag AgentCanna Calmag Agent
Canna Calmag Agent Sale priceFrom $52.00
Canna CannazymCanna Cannazym
Canna Cannazym Sale priceFrom $23.90
CANNA Clay Balls/clay pebblesCANNA Clay Balls/clay pebbles
CANNA Clay Balls/clay pebbles Sale priceFrom $24.00
Canna Coco A and BCanna Coco A and B
Canna Coco A and B Sale priceFrom $44.00
Canna Coco Professional PlusCanna Coco Professional Plus
Canna PK 13-14Canna PK 13-14
Canna PK 13-14 Sale priceFrom $22.90
Canna RhizotonicCanna Rhizotonic
Canna Rhizotonic Sale priceFrom $44.90
Canna Terra FloresCanna Terra Flores
Canna Terra Flores Sale priceFrom $38.00
Canna Terra ProfessionalCanna Terra Professional
Canna Terra Professional Sale price$36.00
Canna Terra VegaCanna Terra Vega
Canna Terra Vega Sale priceFrom $38.00
Sold outCarbon Dioxide Candle
Carbon Dioxide Candle Sale price$22.50
Carbon Filter 100 mm x 300/500 mm
Carbon Filter 100 mm x 300/500 mm Sale priceFrom $59.00
Carbon Filter 150 mm x 400/500/600 mm
Carbon Filter 200/250 mm x 600 mm
Carbon Filter 200/250 mm x 600 mm Sale priceFrom $175.00
Clip fan 150 mm (6") - Spider FarmerClip fan 150 mm (6") - Spider Farmer
Clip fans 150 mm (6")Clip fans 150 mm (6")
Clip fans 150 mm (6") Sale price$39.00
Cloche Film 1620 mm wide
Cloche Film 1620 mm wide Sale price$1.70
Cloche Film 2.7 m wide
Cloche Film 2.7 m wide Sale price$4.90
Clone Solution (Clonex Purple)Clone Solution (Clonex Purple)
Clone Spray
Clone Spray Sale price$39.50
Clone Station 24 Sea HawkClone Station 24 Sea Hawk
Clone Station 24 Sea Hawk Sale price$159.00
Cloner Sale price$15.00
Cloning Gel (Clonex Purple)Cloning Gel (Clonex Purple)
Cloning Gel (Clonex Purple) Sale priceFrom $18.50
CMH (ceramic metal halide) Light BulbCMH (ceramic metal halide) Light Bulb
Sold outCMX (Calcium, Magnesium, Iron additive)
CO2 Grow FertiliserCO2 Grow Fertiliser
CO2 Grow Fertiliser Sale priceFrom $59.50
Coco Perlite 70:30 mix - Nutrifield
Coco Perlite 70:30 mix - Way To Grow
Autopot cocomat
Cocomat Sale price$25.00
Sold outCompact Tidy TrayCompact Tidy Tray
Compact Tidy Tray Sale price$19.99
Compost 30 L
Compost 30 L Sale price$9.90
Cropsafe Fine Bug Netting 3.7 m wideCropsafe Fine Bug Netting 3.7 m wide
Sold outDigging Fork - Kent & StoweDigging Fork - Kent & Stowe
Digital TimerDigital Timer
Digital Timer Sale price$55.00
Dropper/pipette Sale price$0.50
Sold outDrying RackDrying Rack
Drying Rack Sale price$44.90
Easy to Grow General Nutrient
Easy to Grow General Nutrient Sale priceFrom $22.50
Easy2Grow Starter Kit with FREE NUTRIENTEasy2Grow Starter Kit with FREE NUTRIENT
Extractor Fan
Extractor Fan Sale priceFrom $129.00
Fan - 2-Speed (Prima Klima)Fan - 2-Speed (Prima Klima)
Fan - 2-Speed (Prima Klima) Sale priceFrom $224.00
Fan - High Speed (Prima Klima)Fan - High Speed (Prima Klima)
Fan - High Speed (Prima Klima) Sale priceFrom $325.00
Fan - Temperature Controlled (Prima Klima)Fan - Temperature Controlled (Prima Klima)
Fan Inline ExtractorFan Inline Extractor
Fan Inline Extractor Sale priceFrom $47.00
Sold outFan Speed Controller
Fan Speed Controller Sale price$55.00
Flexi Tank 100 litres
Flexi Tank 100 litres Sale price$140.00
Flexi Tank 225 litres
Flexi Tank 225 litres Sale price$165.00
Sold outFlexi Tank 25 litres
Flexi Tank 25 litres Sale price$67.00