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Article: Seacliff Organics

Seacliff Organics

Seacliff Organics


Seacliff Organics takes soil back to the fundamentals, rich humus and balanced minerals thriving with microbiological activity with a focus on waste reduction and sustainable local sourcing, where healthy soil is the foundation for our gardens and crops. This is soil that tends to itself, providing ongoing performance with minimum input.

Modern methods of horticulture rely on persistent fertilisation which can adversely affect the microorganisms living within the soil. Seacliff is unique in its approach to living soil, creating a dynamic and biologically active organic soil using locally sourced materials to deliver the optimum nutrition to your plants.


This soil is intended for fragrant and flavoursome crops, and is full of all the essential nutrients to promote active macrofauna and microfauna.

Seacliff Living Soil is full of NZ sourced natural ingredients that, with the help of a thriving food web, will break down over time giving a steady slow release of the essential nutrients to the plant.

It is ideal for water-only cultivation, no till, soil recycling/high-end organic cultivation.

Seacliff soil is high in nutrients but balanced appropriately and perfectly for flowering plants and full term growth. Living soil helps your plants express their full phenotypical potential by providing everything your plant needs in balanced ratios and a rich ecology of micro-organisms to ensure everything is available for uptake when it is required by your plant.

Seacliff Living Soil is designed to be recycled.

Base: Sphagnum peat moss, pumice, oat hulls, worm castings, charged bio-char plus amendments for pest control, microbiology and bio-stimulants.

Use 100 litre pots  as a minimum for "no till" or "water only", Soil can be recycled over and over with additional amendments and compost.  We recommend using the biggest pot size you can fit in your space. Multi plant beds work really well and allow the fungi networks to communicate between plants, improving health and yields. 


DIY Living Soil pack. NPK 1:2.4:2.5
This pack can be used to build your own Seacliff Organics
styled living soil at home. Each pack is weighted to make
exactly 50 litres of soil. You can also use it as an amendment
pack to recycle your soil again and again with just the addition of a little compost. You can re-amend a 50L pot of our living soil 5 times with this pack!

Amendments: Ag lime, Oyster shell meal, Gypsum, Colloidal soft rock phosphate, Fish bone meal, Potassium sulfate, Zelp, Acadian kelp, Basalt rock dust, Malted barley, Bio-ag TM7, Fish meal, Amino acids, Flaxseed meal, Neem meal, Karanja meal, Yucca extract.

You can also use this as a general fertiliser, you will see great results!

To Build Soil:

1 pack = 50 litres of soil base mix. See Seacliff blog for details on the soil building process.

A professional base mix that allows for luxury calcium and a correct pH balance would look similar to this. 

50% peat moss

15%  worm castings

35% pumice (or 30% pumice with 5 percent bio-char)

If pH is too high, add more peat. 

Cook for 4 weeks, turn on the second day, and once a week after that.

To Re-amend Seacliff Organics Living Soil:

Use 30-60 grams of our re-amendment product to every 5 litres of soil, ¾ cup worm castings or compost, and ¾ cup of pumice or oat husks per 5 litres.
Mix these ingredients with your soil as best you can, either through the entire mix, or till through the first 50 percent.

Top Dressing:

Scuff a handful of nutrients into the first few centimetres of soil.


This is the ultimate all-in-one solution for dramatic plant growth. Seacliff’s powerful mycorrhizal inoculum and microbial inoculant are expertly blended with root boosters and bio-stimulants to deliver maximum results.

For best results, apply Next Gen Root Formula as earlyas possible in the plant's life, directly to the roots or the soil where early roots will develop (3 tsp per 500 ml).

You can also use it during any stage of plant growth, from seed germination to budding and flowering, for a microbial and bio-stimulant boost. Not only does Next Gen Root Formula benefit your plants now, but it also improves soil conditions for the future.

Recommended usage:

  • 3 tsp per 500 g soil.
  • 100 g innoculates 10 plants

SUPER BLOOM (makes liquid)

Micronised liquid formula. NPK 2:12:6

This is packed with microbes, bio-stimulants and the

16 essential minerals. The aminos, fulvic acid and microbiology will help chelate phosphorus and calcium creating a potent blend, delivering the results you crave

without the use of environmentally harmful guanos or chemicals.

 Living Soil Application:

  • 5 - 2 teaspoons per 5 litres of water (soil drench or foliar) or 1 - 2 cups per 200 litres
  • 5 - 3.5 kg per hectare

MICROBE PRO (liquid)

Microbe-Pro is a combination of beneficial microbes which improve soil health and function and can be used in a variety of applications from improving fertiliser effectiveness to aiding in decomposition and odour control in waste management systems. 

You can apply Microbe-Pro during important plant growth stages, when adding in fresh compost to garden beds, adding with organic fertilisers and soil amendments, or adding to compost piles to improve microbiological diversity thus speeding up decomposition and improving compost quality. 

Recommended usage:

  • 10 ml per litre of water.

When handling these products:

  • Wear a mask to avoid inhaling particles, open in a well ventilated area
  • Wear gloves and eye protection, and wash hands after use


Worm Castings are a great addition to any soil where you are growing a heavy feeding annually flowering plant.

A simple way to add biodiversity to your soil.

Recommended usage:

For Compost Tea use 2 cups of worm castings to 20 litres of water. Add one tablespoon of molasses, bubble with high volume air pump for 36 hrs.

For Soil Media use 15 - 20% worm castings.

For Top Dressing use enough to make a 25 - 50mm thick layer at any time.


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