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Wind Break Cloth 1.75 m wide


Many crops can benefit from wind shelter and for some, it is essential for plants at an early age. Redpath windbreak is also used to protect your home and surrounding environment from excessive or persistent winds.
This cloth is for use in horticulture, animal shelters and for the home garden. A commercial grade monofilament construction is used with UV stabilisation properties to make it well suited to New Zealand and Australian conditions.
Redpaths UV stabilised windbreak cloth is regularly quoted by our customers as being able to last 10 years or more. Our commercial grade windbreak is a trusted brand and is used nationwide by farmers, horticulturists, nurseries, councils and government departments.
The wind protection factor stated is ‘nominal’ – Wind protection factors will vary depending on the design of the windbreak, the aspect of the windbreak to the relevant wind direction, wind speed and the condition and cleanliness of the windbreak fabric.
NOTE: Always order a slightly wider and longer length of cloth than your structure measures, – this is so that you have enough cloth left over to secure the cloth to whatever design structure you are fitting it to.

Retaining wind cloth:
Sewing pockets into the edges of the wind cloth and then threading a wire through the pocket is often the best way to reliably secure wind cloth.  The pocket wire can then be tied to a cable or main support wire on your structure.

There are other options such as wind ‘butterfly’ clips or an aluminium track clipping system. We do not sell these at Ōtaki Hydroponics but they are available from Redpath.

Sold in full metres. Please choose from the options available, or contact us.

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