Otaki Hydroponics

Slug X Snail & Slug Trap


Garland brand SLUG X is a patented product revolutionising the life of gardeners, allowing gardeners to combat their worst enemy.

Slugs and snails are attracted to the SLUG X with the use of beer (or similar) as the bait. The strong smell of the beer builds up inside the trap luring the snails and slugs to the aroma. Once inside, the slugs and snails become disorientated with no way to escape, and they fall into one of 3 well like chambers. There are 4 funnelled access points into the slug trap with 3 drowning chambers. In addition, the tight-fitting lid ensures the bait fumes generate quickly and at the same time keeps unwanted water out.

This trap is fully transportable allowing you to readily move the trap to affected areas.

SLUG X works just as well on patios and decks, and cannot cause harm to other wildlife or pets.



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