Otaki Hydroponics

Perlite 20 litre bag


Perlite is used as a hydroponic growing medium and also as an aeration medium. Using 80% potting mix and 20% perlite aids in the aeration process, allowing plant roots to take up more air, thus enhancing growth rates.

Nicknamed “volcanic popcorn,” perlite is made by heating volcanic glass to super high temperatures until it expands and “pops” into the white, porous, lightweight rock that resembles little Styrofoam balls.

The cavern-like texture of perlite helps it shed water readily, while at the same time storing moisture and nutrients for the plant.

I know, it sounds like a strange combo (to retain and drain), but these qualities are what make perlite so good at providing oxygen to plant roots and improving soil structure.

Size: 20 litres, perfect for the smaller garden or Autopot system.

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