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Autopot XL 4 pot system - fabric pots FREE NUTRIENT


Autopots are an easy-to-use nutrient delivery system. Plants are gravity fed from a reservoir, no pumps or items of electrical equipment are required.

Instead, Autopots rely on the simple genius of their Aquavalve system to distribute feed to root systems as and when they need it.

The 4 Pot XL system consists of:

  • 1 x 47 litre tank including lid & 9 mm grommet.
  • 4 x XL trays and 4 x XL 20L fabric pots.
  • 4 x AquaValves.
  • 4 x XL root control discs.
  • 1 x 9 mm filter.
  • 2 x 9 mm inline taps.
  • 2 x 9 mm cross connectors.
  • 4 x 9 mm tee connectors.
  • 4 m of 9 mm pipe.

Comes with free 1 litre nutrient of your choice (Value $22.50), Easy to Grow, Mr Grow, Mr Bloom.

How the Autopot XL 4 Pot System works:

Our kits come with all the equipment, and necessary fittings needed to set up your entire system, making the entire process incredibly simple and hassle-free!

The pots have a 20 Litre growing capacity, and are perfect for growing larger plants or small trees.

Autopots are a great way to supply your plants with the nutrients they require, without ever having to use pumps or other electrical equipment.

Instead, Autopots rely on gravity and the ingenious Aquavalve to distribute nutrients as and when they are needed.

Because of this, Autopot kits are simple to install and very user friendly.


Because Autopots are fed from underneath, they require a medium that is able to absorb liquid effectively, sucking it up to the upper regions of the container and creating an even spread of nutrient.

Mix perlite or clay pebbles (50%) with coco, soil or rockwool (50%) as your growing media.

Size: 20 litre pot

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