Wool Mulch Matting 1.8 Metre x 2 metre

Coco Mulch Matting 1.8 Metre x 2 metre


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coir-mattingCoco mulch matting is completely biodegradable.

Coco mulch can be installed over well prepared soil and firmly fixed in place. Coco mulch matting can be placed around the base of plants/ fruit trees to aid in the retention of moisture over summer or laid out in broad areas. Coco mulch is ideal for using as a liner in hanging baskets and will last over a full season. Once you have finished with the liner add it to your compost pile, worms love it.

  • Provides insulation for improved plant growth
  • Inhibits the development of weeds during early plant growth
  • Increase soil water retention
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cut and shape as required

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