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Garland Automatic Control Big 3 Heated Propagator


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Product Description

big-3-electric-propThe Garland Automatic Control Heated Propagator is designed for the keen gardener wanting to raise volumes of seedlings and/or cuttings at a time.  When raising seeds the ideal environment is to ensure warm bottom, cool tops.  The heated propagator sets the ideal environment taking some of the guess work out of raising seeds.

The Big 3 Propagator comes with 3 large high dome propagators measuring 37cm long, 23cm wide.

The heated base has a 50 watt carbon fibre element, allowing for even heat distribution with the added feature of an inbuilt temperature controlled thermostat designed to maintain an even temperature of 19 deg.c.

This unit features a Heat ‘On’ heat ‘Off’ light indicator.

Full Size Dimentions:

80.5cm Long

42cm Wide

20cm High

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