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Natures Organic, Humates and Vermicast

Natures Organic Fertiliser – A new fertiliser on the block

A couple of years ago Agrissentials company closed down taking with it my favourite fertiliser Rock Solid.  We purchased 2 tonne of the final rock solid stock and that has kept our customers supplied.  During this time I have been testing and researching the fertilsers available to find a replacement.
I had three requirements for a replacement.

1. Bio certified

To be able to trust our suppliers we need to know that standards are applied to the manufacture of the products we sell.

2. Humates

Humates are carbon-dense, soft coal deposits found near coal mines. Humate is compressed, natural organic humus, containing most of the known trace elements necessary for development of plant life.  It acts chemically with soils, whether alkaline or acidic, to protect plant roots from excessive amounts of soluble fertilizers placed too close to the seed at planting.

Organic materials and substances play an important part in the formation of fertile soil due to the fact that they are a source of plant nutrients. Organic Humate matter has also a significant effect on the water holding capacity of many soils and plays a role in the plants’ abilities to consume nutrients from the soil.

I was so impressed with the humates that we also now have in stock Humates for you to add to your own compost or to further enhance the fertilizer you are currently using.

3. Paramagnetic Rock dust

Soils high in paramagnetic elements show increased benefits such as increased water retention, increased microbial stimulation, improved nutrient utilization, and something referred to as increased light energy.

Other benefits in the soil include increased seed germination and flowering, improved insect resistance, increased frost and drought hardiness, and more earthworms in the soil. It has also been shown to assist in overcoming the effects of some toxins in the soil.

Natures Organic Fertiliser ticked all the boxes

Because of the composition, each kilogram of Natures Organic Fertiliser is equivalent to 4 kg of compost.  It Improves biological balance in your soil with all the associated benefits. Finally Natures Organic contains 70 essential plant minerals and vitamins to ensure your plants get the best start available. It’s on special in store now!

Benefits of Natures Organic

  • Enhances plant resistance to insect attack through increased sugar production.
  • Enhances the mineral density of food resulting in a sweeter produce.
  • Increases beneficial soil life activity.
  • Builds organic soil carbon levels and soil structure
  • Improves yield and crop quality.
  • Increases nitrogen fixation from the atmosphere and solubilisation of locked up phosphate reserves
  • Stimulates root growth.

Application Rates

Use 1-2 handfuls per plant or per square metre every 2-6 months.


As I mentioned in the last newsletter, I had several customers coming in asking for worm castings.  The benefits of worm castings in your soil are huge.  Worm castings are the best compost you can get.  It’s extremely rich so you only need a little bit.  I credit my amazing capsicums last year to the worm castings we used when preparing the little bed.  After your kitchen scraps have been through the worms you have available five times more nitrogen, seven times more phosphorous and up to eleven times more potassium than other composts.   It is rich in essential nutrients, has excellent moisture retention and because of way the worm’s gut works most of the bad fungi and bacteria have been removed.  If you don’t have your own worm farm have a look at our Hungry bins or grab yourself one of the 15L bags of Revital vermicast available.

AutoPot News

The AutoPots have performed well over winter.  The most stunning results have been from the trial we did with coir fibre and clay balls compared to the Canna Terra professional we are now stocking.  As you can see the one on the right is the coco fibre and the one on the left is the Terra professional.  Both were seeded and transplanted together and both feed with the same nutrient.  This Terra has quickly become my firm favourite and over the next few months I’ll be trying other media combinations to compare and trying it with other plants as well.

Potato competition

Nature’s Organic Introductory Special

The potato competition is now in full swing.  It’s not too late to enter so pop into the store and support the Mirek Smíšek Arts Trust.

Mirek Smíšek was one of the founders of the modern ceramic arts movement in New Zealand and became internationally recognized for his work.  For nearly 30 years he lived and worked in Te Horo, firing his work in the two large beehive kilns he built, and which are now the surviving elements of his pottery.  The Mirek Smíšek Arts Trust aims to build on his legacy to create an arts centre around the kilns to celebrate ceramic arts and the arts and crafts of tangata whenua. Our suppliers have once again been extremely generous with Devan donating a 1000L tank, Redpath donating cloche packs, Egmont commercial, Kings Seeds and DENZ supplying prize packs. 

$5 Entry gives you a potato and a bag to grow it in and the opportunity to win the 1000L Devan water tank. Just bring back the bag on the 14th of December. If you don’t want to grow but you’re still interested in winning the 1000L tank, pop in store and buy a ticket to be in the draw to win and join us for the fun of harvesting!

Nature’s Organic Introductory Special

Introductory Offer $21.99
Valid to 31 Oct 2019
Offer only good in store – does not apply to online purchases

Heather’s Corner

Before planting your garden, it is important to make sure your soil is well prepared.  Remove any weeds that are seeding, others can be put into your compost. If you have grown a green crop over winter, dig that in now giving it time to break down and condition your soil. Add a sprinkling of your favourite fertiliser too. Compost is essential for garden health too. It helps plants grow strong and also helps maintain moisture.  By adding compost, you are restoring the soil to how nature meant it to be. It encourages worms, microorganisms and beneficial fungi.  You can add just about anything organic to your compost pile and it is good to add a variety. As well as green waste it’s important to add dry organic matter.  Adding animal manure makes good compost too, anything that encourages worms and beneficial organisms. Effort spent now will pay off well in the future.

When preparing your garden for summer you need to think about water. Lack of water is one of the most critical factors affecting plant growth.  It’s most important to keep seedlings watered for them to become established. If you mulch with organic matter you are preventing evaporation thus conserving water. You can also plant more closely letting the plants shade each other’s roots. Autopot has a beaut watering system for your garden beds called a Spyder Box. It waters using capillary matting to draw the water through the soil to your plants. newA good watering system is a valuable tool in the garden.

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