Nutrient instructions 5Kg

  1. Obtain 2 x 20 litre drums and mark A  and  B.  Ensure the drums are clean.  Fill the drums 2/3 full with water – using warm water will speed the process of dissolving the sales.Add the nutrients from bag A to the drum marked  A. Stir until dissolved.  Add extra water to make up to 20 litres.
  2. Add the nutrients from bag B to the drum marked  B. Stir until dissolved.  Add extra water to make up to 20 litres.  Remove 2 litres from the B drum and add the smaller bag of micronutrients to this.  Mix well and add back to the B
  3. Fill the main nutrient tank with the required amount of water and add equivalent drum A and drum  B  solutions to the tank to maintain the correct CF.  If a CF meter is not available add approximately 10mls/L of each drum  A and drum  B solutions for a CF of approx 22.

The nutrient solution should be refreshed at least every 3 weeks in a Hydroponic system.  It is advised to change more frequently in summer where the temperature fluctuates and the water evaporates quickly than in winter.


  • Do not spit the A and B bags into smaller quantities as this will potentially unbalance the nutrient formula.
  • Never mix solution A and solution B together directly
  • The pH of the nutrient mix is approximately 6.  This will vary depending on the quality and pH of the water used when disolving the mixture. The importance of pH is discussed in the link optimal PH for growing