Otaki Hydroponics plant nutrient for all growing systems.

Otaki Hydroponic nutrients are available in different formulas.  We cater for the beginner hydroponic grower as well as the grower that wants to get serious about the science and optimise plant production.  Each stage of plant growth has different nutritional requirements.  In addition, each type of plant has an optimum level of nutrition.  Plants like Lettuce are low feeders and require less than plants such as Tomatoes, which are high feeders and require a higher nutrient concentration to produce to their optimum capacity.

One part liquid feed

Autopot Nutrient

Easy2Grow liquid plant fertiliser can be used hydroponically, with pots or as a general garden liquid feed.   Originally designed for use in the Autopot systems, Easy2grow liquid plant food is a general plant food that has a balanced NPK for all stages of the plant growth.  The Easy2grow nutrient is ideal for beginner hydroponic growers who want instant results.

Autopot Nutrient in 1L, 5L, on line and 20L on request.

Mr Grow 5 Litres

Mr Grow liquid nutrient

Otaki Hydroponics Mr Grow nutrient is designed to assist the plant for leaf production.  This formula is higher in Nitrogen which plants require for strong production of green growth.  Nitrogen is one of the primary nutrients that plants need to produce proteins and chlorophyll.  Mr Grow is ideal for the leafy vegetables and the inital stages of plant growth.

Available in 1L, 5L online and 20L on request.

Mr Bloom 5 LitresMr Bloom liquid nutrient

Otaki hydroponics Mr Bloom nutrient is designed for the bloom phase of a plants development.  When a plant moves into the flowering stage it has an increased requirement for Potassium and Phosphorus.  Mr Bloom supports this with a higher ratio of Potassium and Phosphorus to Nitrogen.  This encourgges the flowers to develop and increases the fruit set.  This can be further enhaced with Mr Overload which supports the flower set by ensuring plenty of Potassium and Phosphorus at this stage of growth.

Available in 1L, 5L online and 20L on request.

For a basic guide on using Mr Grow in conjunctio with Me Bloom, Mr Overaod and Otaki rinse click here

Two part dry mixes

For the serious grower and those with a budget in mind Otaki Hydroponics have two part dry mixes available.  These are avaiable in different formulas for General, Growth and Bloom stages of plant development.  The mixes come as Part A, Part B and Micronutrients.  These are mixed with water and the micronutrients are added to the Part B.  When using these, an equal amount of Part A and B are added to the water to obtain the correct nutrient concentration for the plant.

These dry mixes are available in 1Kg, 5kg online and 20Kg (4x5Kg) on request.

Click for instructions on mixing 1Kg and 5Kg