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Competition Time! Come in and join the fun

By August 4, 2017Blog, News

Yes, it’s Potato competition time

This year, the potato competition time is supporting HUHA.  Helping you help animals (HUHA) is dedicated to teaching empathy to the community and providing shelter for those less fortunate animals that struggle to survive in today’s disposable culture.

For the month of August we will be open for entries. The $5 entry gives you a potato and a grow bag. You can grow them any way you want but the bag must come back to Otaki Hydroponics to be harvested on Saturday 2nd of December.
Last year the ha rvesting was quite a social event and a time to relax and catch up during the Christmas rush.  This year we’ll be having a hash brown sizzle as well as the standard sausage sizzle.
The weight of the winning potato haul was a whopping 3.045Kg – that will be hard to beat that’s for sure.

The potatoes are once again sponsored by Tui and this year we have Purple Passion available.  Purple passion is a purple early to main season cropping potato.  It’s flesh is creamy and is ideal for French fries and boiling so great for those summer salads.
Remember to let them sprout in a dry airy spot away from direct sunlight.  PrimeHort are once again sponsoring the bags and also some of the prizes.  Make sure the bag has plenty of drainage holes and once you have them in the bag remember – Water, Feed and Protect.  When watering it’s best to water the soil – not the leaves.  We have Roksolid on promotion this month to cover the nourish side of the growing and with the potatoes in bags it’s easy to move then to protect them from the frosts.
I’ve always left the potato growing to Brett.  After planting by the moon (and yes harvesting in the middle of the night at full moon) his best tip is to put comfrey leaves in the bottom of the pot or trench.  This apparently gives the potatoes a potassium boost.  Be careful with the comfrey – make sure you only use the leafy part as it’s pretty hard to get rid of.

Good luck with the growing and we’ll see you in the shop sometime this month.

Monthly Special

We had a fantastic response to the July special of 3 bags of Revital compost and potting mix.  This month we’re going to special the RokSolid so everyone can get their gardens off to a fantastic start.  We’ll do 2 bags of the RokSolid which normally retail for $50 for the low price of $30 – that’s a saving of $20.


Win with Agrissentials

Agressentials are as amazing as their products.  They have contributed  a stunning oilskin vest to offer as a prize.  One entry to all who purchase Any Argissential product.   RokSolid, Oceans100 or Seabrew.  Those who mention the newsletter when they purchase will get an additional entry for the vest


August in our garden

At home I have been tiding up the vege garden and chopping back the hedge we originally planted as a wind break.  I’ve harvested lots of beetroot.  It’s the first time I’d used seed tape and it was a success.  They were evenly spaced but I think I would still thin them next time.

This time I think I’ll make my own seed tape with my favorite Kings seeds.   I found quite a few clips on YouTube on how to make seed tapes – some worth a giggle – but the best site I found was http://www.tuigarden.co.nz/news/how-make-seed-tape-diamond-harbour-school .  I’ve just purchased a “Spiralizer” so we having raw beetroot noodles in balsamic vinegar for some time to come.




Heather’s Corner

After a terrible garden last summer, I’m proud to say I’ve had the best winter garden ever. Last year I put in a heap of poultry compost and Grow all with worm castings and it has really paid off now.

I planted broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower in late summer and made sure they were well covered with bug netting to keep the white butterfly off, it really did the trick. I’m now eating beautiful clean vegetables. I have used Rok Solid as my fertiliser for 18 months and I’m delighted with the results. My roses were brilliant last summer and other shrubs are strong and healthy too. My fruit trees including citrus have been prolific, the citrus still is and as mentioned I’m over the moon with my vegetable garden.

I’ve finally bought a Super 7 seed propagator and will endeavour to have my own seedlings to see me through. I find it really rewarding knowing I have taken the plants right through the whole stage, germinating the seeds and finally harvesting the plant. May be I’ll even gather seed this year

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