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Community Spirit wins again

By December 7, 2018Uncategorized

Last Saturday was the harvest of our annual potato competition.  This year we supported the local Te Horo Community hall.  The hall was built around 1914 and those original builders would be pleased with the community spirit it is still engendering 104 years later. 

The weather came to the party and it was a very pleasant morning to watch the potato bags empty.    The final entry count was a huge 80 entrants.  The hall community presented a beautiful spread of cakes, lemonade and provided a sausage sizzle.  Everyone sat around chatting while Brett emptied over a tonne of dirt harvesting the bags. 

The delight of the morning had to be Wade (aged 5) who, although he had a birthday party to go to, stayed and tirelessly helped Brett. 

Otaki College had their own harvest at the school on the Friday with 2 classes having teams of 3 or 4 children caring for their potato.  The largest harvest from the school was 800g which is a great haul in this difficult season.

The competition and Devan tank was again won by Ron Chatters of Te Horo with a harvest of 2.31kg but his winning margin this year was a mere 6g from local, Jock Richmond’s harvest of 2.25Kg.  The largest single potato was won by Don Moselen at a huge 427g.  Don’s plant only produced three potatoes, but they were all huge – the others weighing in at 359g and 329g.  The competition is definitely going to be fierce next year.

Te Horo Christmas market

The firewood raffle was won by Ang Gilliland and delivered that day.  The Christmas cake raffle will be drawn tomorrow at the Christmas market.  If you’re interested there is another firewood raffle at the Te Horo Christmas Market tomorrow from 10-1pm

Little Brag spot

You should see my Hungarian Yellow wax Chilli.  It’s been in the grow room inside the shop.  While everything has been struggling outside this beauty has adapted to the artificial light and is producing already. 

We currently have the Shop Demo Tent kit on special for $950 (RRP $1400) to make way for a new brand of tent arriving around Christmas.

Heather’s corner 

With Christmas just around the corner we start to plan menusand look at the garden to see what there is growing and likely to be ripe onthe day. The lucky ones will have tomatoes ripening, cucumbers galore,potatoes, and strawberries for dessert. It has been an odd season withfluctuating temperatures and not easy for planning when the best planting timeis. Greenhouses make it so much easier, but there is something rewarding aboutpreparing a garden bed then harvesting a few weeks later.Julie and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas anda Happy New Year, and of course, if you are travelling, take care.

Christmas Hours

Ourshop will be open on Saturday the 22nd from 9am to 3pm.  We will then be closed Christmas eve (Monday 24th) and between Christmas and NewYear opening again on the Thursday 3rd of January

Christmas Specials

And more in store and online

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