Otaki Hydroponics

Easy to Grow General Nutrient


Manufactured onsite by Ōtaki Hydroponics for over 25 years, Easy to Grow is part of our Whakatupu range. This nutrient is the best nutrient for your Autopot set up. It is a single part liquid nutrient designed to give great results with minimum fuss.

Easy to Grow can be used for the whole growing period delivering consistently great results. This nutrient mixes well with water and stays well mixed within the tank.

Autopot nutrient can also be used as a foliar feed in a weak solution of 3-5 mls per litre.

If you are keen to maximise your plants' fruiting ability for the likes of tomatoes, chilli, peppers, cucumbers etc. you may like to change your nutrient over to our Mr Bloom nutrient once your plants start to flower, as it is higher in potassium.

If you are growing leaf only plants such as lettuce, kale, rocket use Easy to Grow throughout the whole growing life of your plants.

Suitable for Autopots.

Size: 1 litre bottle, 5 litre bottle


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