Otaki Hydroponics

Whakatupu Diatomaceous Earth


Bio Certified Organic 100% Pure Diatomaceous Earth food grade fossil shell flour. Made from the fossilised remains of single-celled plants (phytoplanktons). One supplement and multiple benefits.

 On the hardness scale, Diatomaceous Earth is only 2 points below diamonds, so when insects (ants, fleas, flies, cockroaches to name but a few) come into contact with this it ultimately kills them.  The tiny sharp and hard particles of the powder stick to the insect, abrasively rub through and serrate their epi-cuticle and joints, absorb their bodily fluids and they die of dehydration. This process is purely mechanical, not chemical.  As such, there is no build-up or chemical residue, the insect cannot build up immunity or become tolerant to it.  

 Can be used safely on animals, popular for chooks and chook houses and the elimination of fleas on pets. Diatomaceous Earth absorbs moisture some six times its own weight thereby causing an environment to become completely dehydrated. This environment becomes too dry for fleas to survive and they become completely dehydrated and die off. It is important to note that this causes no harm to larger living things like animals, birds and humans.

 Size: 1 kg

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