The No Brainer Garden!

Our self watering AutoPot system is exactly what it seems, easy!  In fact, it’s a no brainer!

So why use AutoPot?

  • Doesn’t require daily watering
  • Doesn’t need constant attention
  • Easy to expand and adapt your set-up
  • No power, pumps or timers required
  • Saves water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Abundant healthy plants
  • Unlimited configuration. 2 – 24 pots and beyond!

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What is self-watering?

AutoPot’s self-watering system releases water and nutrient in a timely fashion to your plants. It is one of the most efficient self-watering systems worldwide. Your plants will get just the right amount of nutrient and water, meaning they will stay healthy and produce greater yields of fruit and vegetable.

The aqua valve fits neatly into a tray that holds either 8 15 or 25 litre pots. The reservoir opens to allow water to fill the tray to a pre-set level. The Aqua valve will not refill the tray until all the water has been used, ensuring your plants are not constantly sitting in water. Once all the water has been used up by a plants, the aqua valve will reopen and refill the tray, meaning no water wastage.

Modular design

Due to its modular design there is absolutely no limit to what you can grow with this no brainer garden.

The AutoPot system is light weight and compact, making it ideal for small spaces like conservatories, patios and balconies.

If you want to grow the biggest and tastiest tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers or chilies but are limited for growing space, the Autopot self-watering system is the revolution in home gardening you’ve been waiting for.

Buy online

Everything you need to start your no brainer garden is available to be purchased on this website.

If you’re a complete novice we suggest you start your growing  journey with the AutoPot starter kitthen you can add to your system by attaching an extension kit or single 15 litre pot kit.

The AutoPot watering system provides a wide range of modules – meaning you can get the exact set-up for your needs and add to it when you want to. Before you know it, you will be growing abundant produce for the whole family.

AutoPot in action

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Become a distributor

Since stocking the AutoPot self watering system, our business has grown substantially. Offering us a point of difference from bigger, commercial store, our home growers simply keep coming back for more add-ons. If you want to grow your business in a new and exciting direction, email us today to discuss stocking the AutoPot watering system.

We are also manufacturers of our own nutrient brands that work fantastically well with the AutoPot watering system. So for the complete package deal, Contact Otaki Hydroponics.