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And The Winners Are….

By December 16, 2016Blog, Uncategorized

….all who attended….

Another spud competition done and dusted with old weights being toppled by new.

For those of you reading this for the first time, let me explain.

Each year in August we sell a spud and a grow bag to competitiors. The rules are simple. Grow the spud in any type of medium, with any type of fertiliser, and  on the designated date in December bring your spud, still intact in the grow bag, and we will weigh your haul.

All the proceeds from the sale of the enteries goes to a worthy cause.

This year we were raising funds to go towards buying an AED for our local super market. This part of the process is being organised by our local Rotary organization.

SO last Saturday was the big reveal and what a great morning it was. There was a steady flow of competitors arriving,  with Rotary assisting with parking and the ever popular sausage sizzle.

This years spud weights ranged from 45gms to a whopping 3.045 kg. It was interesting to see the varying mixes of compost and growing medium used, and also the level of moisture withing the mix.

Some have their top secret mix of medium and fertiliser, while others have taken a more ‘she’ll be right’ type attitude.

The following are a few key points of interest for those aiming on improving their success rate next year.

The winning spud weighed in at a hefty  3.045 kg with a yield of 14 spuds. This bag was started in the hot house so was the extra warmth a factor?

Another weight was 2.703 kg with a yield of 21 spuds amazing!!

The thing that intrigues me the most is the number of participants turning up saying I don’t think there will be any spuds in my bag, only to find they had a sizeable weigh in.  It really is one of those times in life when we don’t know what we have got until emptying the entire bag. Gardening is a great leveller and teacher isn’t it?

The bags with considerably lower weights appeared to have a lot more moisture in them, or worse, no moisture at all. Some bags had really impressive amounts of active worm life so you would assume more spuds but not so.

One bag in particular that caught my attention was one that was super dry with what looked like home made compost, at the bottom of the bag. There was a layer of polystyrene then wood chip and then soil, the over all spud weight was 1.720kg and the yield 11 so when you start putting all this infomation together I am sure there is yet more to learn from this experience. Considering the season, too much moisture at the begining of planting has been one of the obvious issues for some.

What were the highlights of the morning…..

The most noticable thing I observered was all the banter and laughter, winners and loosers alike. Young and not so young all chatting away together, and one family in particular  had 3 generations all participating. Grandad didn’t seem the least bit perturbed that his entire family bet him at weigh in. I couldn’t help but think what a winning combination, they all were together, building precious memories with the younger ones all celebrating each others success.

I loved how everyone chatted away whether they knew each other or not….it just goes to show that community spirit is still alive and well. People had travelled from near and far to attend the morning. The furthest being Auckland, Wairarapa and Porirua. That’s awesome.

At this time of the year when the pressure is on to organise Christmas gifts, Christmas food and work related stress building, it is heart warming to see something as old fashioned and simple as a spud growing competition bring so many people together.

Finally congratulations to all who took the time to participate and  attend on Saturday, in my view you are all winners.

Have an awesome Christmas and enjoy those award winning spuds drizzled with butter and sprinkled with chives.


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