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Agrissentials Rok Solid – be in to win !!

By August 19, 2017Blog, News

This month we have an Agrissentials Vest to be won with any purchase of an Agrissentials product so I thought you’d like to know about the products we have available.

Agrissentials Oceans 100 Biogrow certified organic fertiliser

This is a liquid fish based fertilser concentrate that comes in a 1 litre bottle.  It’s a great foliar feed that not only feeds your plants but also can be used to keep the pests away.  Oceans 100 is toally natural – made from Kelp, Fish and soil conditioners to enhance plant growth.  It contains more than 50 essentail amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals and naturally occurring carbohydrates.

Oceans 100 is a living product.  Oceans 100 will enhance the effective micro organisms in your soils, adding to the bio diversity.  Like a probiotic for soil!!



Agrissentials Seabrew Biogrow Certified Animal Tonic

SeaBrew is an all natural seaweed based animal supplement. SeaBrew provides all the necessary amino acids, protiens, vitamins and minerals (including trace minerals) that are required for health and vitality.  I feed this to my horses and they love it.






Agrissentials Rok Solid

Our biggest seller and the only solid fertiliser we use is Rok solid.  It’s called an “Energised Organic Fertiliser” and it looks like gun powder!  Originally developed for farms, orchards and commercial gardens, Rok solid is a full spectrum fertiliser.  It contains highly paramagnetic rock dust.

I had no idea what paramagnetic meant so I looked up why this would be beneficial to my garden .  The most important point about paramagnetism is that it contributes to plant growth. Dr. Phil Callahan, the guru in this discipline, says unequivocally, that paramagnetism is required for plant growth. He and others list the values of high paramagnetic soils as increased water retention, increased microbial stimulation, improved nutrient utilization, and something referred to as increased light energy.

Other benefits in the soil include increased seed germination and flowering, improved insect resistance, increased frost and drought hardiness, and more earthworms in the soil. It has also been shown to assist in overcoming the effects of toxins (atrazine) in the soil.

Currently we have Rok Solid on an instore special.  Normally $25 for a 1kg bag this month we are selling at 2 for $30.  If you mention seeing this blog you can have 2 entires into the competition to win a vest.






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