Otaki Hydroponics owners Bert and Jocelyn have a long history of growing, and  work hard to keep abreast of new and innovative products that help drive you towards greater gardening success.

Together, Bert and Jocelyn, along with their well trained staff, can lead you towards sound gardening advise supporting you to greater gardening success, whether it is in the soil or using  the innovative AutoPot self Watering system.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran – Bert and Jocelyn are confident that they can support your gardening life and allow  you to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Local gardening advice and products

When it comes to gardening, your location has a huge impact. We ensure that you get quality gardening advice and the right products that not only stand up to your local conditions but thrive in them!

At Otaki Hydroponics & Gardening Supplies, we pride ourselves on practical advice that works. We have established gardens both in our garden yard and in our hot house where we have many examples of growing. You can be rest assured that we have everything from Hydroponic and AutoPot Nutrients to organic certified food that will  feed your soil based gardens.

A strong emphasis on sustainable gardening

Enjoy all the benefits of your garden by using the products and skills of Otaki Hydroponic and Gardening Supplies!

We place a huge emphasis on sustainable gardening and organic growing and we favour organic and certified NZ made nutrients and pesticides wherever possible for our gardens. There are many thriving successful gardens throughout NZ that stand as a testament to our sustainable practices, expert advice and the quality of the products on our shelves.